Big Summer of Fun

Big Summer of Fun Covid-19 lateral flow testing

If parents/carers would like their child to participate in lateral flow testing before attending a Cabot Learning Federation Big Summer of Fun, you can do so in one of the 3 ways detailed here.

To participate in lateral flow testing, by taking a regular rapid test, you can:

  1. Order tests online. If you order tests online, the rapid flow test kit will be sent to your home. If you do tests at home, you’ll need to report your results online or on the phone.
  2. Pick up tests to do at home. You can pick up test packs from a test collection point or pharmacy near you. Find your nearest collection point. If you do tests at home, you’ll need to report your results online or on the phone.
  3. Go to a testing site. You can get tested at a rapid lateral flow test site. You may need an appointment first, and you’ll get an email or text with the result. Find your nearest test site.

Remember, if your child has symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend your Big Summer of Fun session. Please book a different test, called a PCR test. Find your nearest PCR test site.

Our Cabot Learning Federation Big Summer of Fun 2021 will offer our young people and our wider communities opportunities to learn, play and make new friends this summer.

The project is supported by the Government’s significant additional funding to support pupil transition from Year 6 to year 7 – and across the Cabot Learning Federation our schools will be hosting a huge programme of activities.

Department for Education (DfE) research estimates that the impact of the pandemic on learning has been significant. The DfE has also stated that children and young people’s mental health suffered during lockdown. At the Cabot Learning Federation, our strong commitment to our HEART values means that we are both determined and well placed to support children in communities who have been the most adversely affected by the past year by providing opportunities for them to re-engage, play and experience a joy-filled programme of activities this summer.

The Big Summer of Fun at the Cabot Learning Federation will prepare all of our young people for success by focusing on five key areas:

  • Providing a broader benefit for families and communities
  • Supporting our most vulnerable children and young people
  • Continuing an open conversation about pupil mental health and wellbeing
  • Improving education engagement
  • Helping Year 6 pupils to transition with social skills, learning and making friends

To find out what’s on offer during the Big Summer of Fun at your nearest school, visit the school’s website.