Who are we fundraising for?

At CLF we prioritise support for our most vulnerable children and families in line with our HEART values. Here are some of the ways in which we might choose to spend the funds raised:

  • Providing memorable opportunities to learn and grow. This may take the form of a positive activity that they might otherwise not have access to.
  • Supporting Mental Health and wellbeing; particularly for our most vulnerable.
  • Ensuring our most disadvantaged families can return to education quickly. Supporting the transition of our families to the next stage of their education. - Feeding disadvantaged and vulnerable children; prioritising the feeding of families during the pandemic and after it and working with community groups to meet this basic need.
  • Keeping disadvantaged and vulnerable children safe; doing everything we can to keep children safe through the pandemic, maintaining contact and support to build their sense of psychological safety.
  • Getting disadvantaged families online (now and in the long term); we need to do more to tackle the digital divide, now more than ever with the current jump in technology and on-line learning
  • Providing excellent learning opportunities. Planning for closing attainment gaps to allow our disadvantaged families to succeed.

This support will start now, and continue post pandemic. Decisions about spending will be made in response to the needs of our families.