Big Media Project

This project runs in partnership with Boomsatsuma, a national leader in creative education who are based in Bristol and run courses in our Post 16 sites. The Big Media opportunity supports our students to develop their skills whilst giving them a ‘leg-up’ and advantage into the world of media.

This year, Boom are working with 4 groups of Year 11 students from 4 of our secondary academies to design, produce, edit and release a film that celebrates the learning of students. They will need to visit Professional Boom sites (offices and creative workspaces), engage in designing a pitch and then professionally produce and edit their films using the relevant media software, supported by Boomsatsuma experts.

This opportunity speaks to many of our Big goals in terms of supporting our most disadvantaged children to benefit from our wider relationships with our communities, whilst feeling a part of something bigger; our CLF family. We can’t wait to see what they produce!